the big DOOP / enfj

Only relatively defined by physics!  

Woo! Be excited everyone, the Jiji charm that I ordered to test the 3D printing turned out super well! More of these will be ordered this week and will be going out to anyone who was kind enough to donate to save my adopted cat at the end of last year. You can now also go and order them again in the Lightning and Lace store, this time as full necklaces.

Sadly, there was no way that I could print these in any cost-effective gold material, so my apologies to anyone who donated for the golden version. I will however be sending a special surprise gift to you all as a thank-you.

Again, thanks to everyone for being so patient these past few months as we’ve worked though things. The sudden vet bill hit us very hard but we’re in a little bit better place now, even though there are still bills to pay, things are definitely looking up. Jiji send you all kitty kisses.~